Scripture Engagement Formación: A resource for planning and developing training programmes How do we decide on the content of our formación events? Those preparing training events need to think about what is best for their specific target group, their context and the length of their event. This resource is not a standard curriculum. Instead it seeks to help us think carefully about what we include in our programmes. Download this resource.


Different Aspects of Scripture Engagement
The following papers are based on sessions from various IFES events. They can be simply read and reflected upon or adapted for leading sessions on similar topics.

_An Introduction to Scripture Engagement and its Place in IFES. Download this paper.

_Convictions and Motivation in Scripture Engagement. Download this paper.

_My Journey with the Word. Download this paper.


Scripture Engagement at Our Events
This resource shows how different IFES movements engage with God’s Word at their camps and conferences. These examples can help us reflect on how we integrate Scripture engagement in our programs – in a way which is relevant, deep, creative and gives Scripture a central place. Download this resource.


Small Group Bible Studies are an important part of all IFES movements. This paper is full of ideas for these studies: It is a collection of different small group Bible study methods and elements. My hope is that this paper will spark creativity in our studies and that it will help us to engage Scripture with everything we are: our mind, will, feelings, and actions.

Download this paper.