The Word Among Us

Scripture Engagement in IFES

How can we make sure that each new generation of students loves, studies, lives and shares God’s Word? A team of IFES staff produced a booklet with this purpose in mind. It contains two resources, which can be used independently of each other:


Cultivating a Clear Vision of Scripture Engagement
This resource focuses on six core aspects of our interaction with God’s Word. Considering these and their importance will help us to be proactive in strengthening Scripture engagement.

Reflecting on the Impact of Scripture among Us
This resource invites us to stop and reflect. It provides questions which are designed to spark conversations that can inspire and enrich us. The aim is both to celebrate and renew the impact of Scripture among us.

You can download the booklet here.

You can download the booklet in a printable format here. This format can also be used for slide projection.

If the booklet does not show properly in your download, please try downloading it using a different internet browser, e.g. firefox.

You can download the booklet

Additional information:authors

_Authors (see picture): Ricardo Borges, Lindsay Olesberg, Sabine Kalthoff, Annette Arulrajah, Emmanuel Ahlijah.

_This booklet currently exists in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Korean and Portuguese. If IFES movements are interested in doing a reprint or producing other language editions, they can contact Sabine Kalthoff through this website.