About this Blog
Welcome to a vast topic which none of us will ever finish exploring. Scripture engagement is about all of life. It is listening and responding to God’s Word alone and together with others. It is digesting and living out the Word in every relationship and circumstance. It is unashamedly and competently sharing God’s good news in our world. Above all, Scripture engagement is encountering the living Christ through his living Word.

This blog does not presume to address all aspects of this topic. It does not try and capture everything that is happening in IFES. Its aim is to help you stop and think again about Scripture engagement in your life and community. Its aim is to inspire you through IFES stories and ideas from around the world. In the hope that together we will learn to more fully love, study, live, and share God’s Word.

About the IFES global ministry of Scripture Engagement
Our aim is to work alongside national movements and regions to help strengthen Scripture engagement in this generation of students. This can include visiting, teaching, mentoring, equipping, networking, developing resources… always in close partnership with national and regional staff.

Sabine Kalthoff, IFES Secretary for Scripture engagement. Sabine has been involved in student ministry for well over 20 years – starting from her own student days in the field of French, English and Business Administration. She went on to serve as a staff worker with the German student movement (SMD) for 14 years. Before moving into this international role in 2011, she completed a MA in Theological Studies at Regent College, Vancouver.
Contact: sabine.kalthoff@ifesworld.org.

Ricardo Borges, IFES Associate Secretary for Scripture Engagement. Ricardo first got involved in student ministry while studying Agronomic Engineering – and then stayed on as a staff worker with the Brazilian student movement (ABUB) for 14 years, before moving with his family to re-pioneer the student ministry in Uruguay. Back to Brazil in 2014, he served in the Latin America regional team before moving to this role.
Contact: ricardo.borges@ifesworld.org.

You can find more information on the IFES global ministry of Scripture engagement here.