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“I found it very helpful to be asked questions about Scripture Engagement during the course and not just be told what to think. This course also led to a breakthrough in my own engagement with Scripture. One thing I take with me is not to approach Scripture as a checkbox or research activity, but as a personal meeting with God.”
Testimony from Guyana

“Seeing the passion of the Psalmist for the Word in Psalm 119 convinced me – I want this passion and want students to be like that.”
Testimony from Italy

How can we grow in recognizing that Scripture Engagement pertains to every part of life? One way is to participate in a journey of learning together with brothers and sisters from our global fellowship. So, we want to encourage you to take the eLearning course “Foundations of Scripture Engagement,” which is designed to prepare those involved with the ministry of their national movements.

We see this as something other than a course where some people are teaching and others learning. In this, everyone is a student as they meet with God and learn from Him. This course takes place through listening to God in diligent study of the Scriptures, which in turn opens a space for: personal reflection, communication, sharing perspectives and experiences, and promoting mutual growth through the beauty of God’s message to us, as a community, through the Word.

We offer the “Foundations of Scripture Engagement” eLearning course in three languages. It is made up of two parts, each lasting four weeks with a week break in between.
There are two ways to participate.

Option 1: sign up for one of this year’s cohorts using the following forms:

English (starting on September 4th): link here.
Spanish (starting on September 4th): link here.
French (starting on October 2nd): link here.

Option 2: gather a cohort from your national movement or your region. This way, you can choose the dates and even adjust the length of the course to suit your group.
For more information on how to plan, or to clarify any other details, please write to

We look forward to having you on board too!

“I have gained a new appreciation and excitement about the Word of God. Taking the course was refreshing. The Word of God now feels more like a treasure than a chore. I finished each session wanting more.”
Participant from South Africa

“The course led to a shift in my attitude/perspective. I grew up as a Christian, but never stopped to ask: What are my convictions? Why do I read? For me, this course was a calling from God – calling into a deeper relationship, to go deeper with the Word.”
Participant from Ethiopia

IFES Scripture Engagement Global Team